The Taste
of Tradition

At Casademont our family tradition passed down through four generations of butchers combined with the most advanced technology in the sector, allows us to produce charcuterie products of the highest quality.

With fuet as our cornerstone, we’ve been producing charcuterie that is both authentic and full of character since 1956. All our products share the same common denominators: the countryside, the land and the pig.

About us

At Casademont, we have a strong commitment to social and personal awareness, as well as to the environment. We work every day to offer healthier products that are produced from higher welfare meats, thus ensuring the well-being of our animals.

Our philosophy has always been centred around the needs of the consumer. This has led to our wide variety products that, through the careful production and selection of primary materials, range from classic, organic products that are free from allergens and additives, to more experiential products. We always maintain complete transparency through our entire process.

Today, we are continuing our efforts to meet the need to be convenient and to adapt to different consumption times, without losing the tradition and excellence that characterises us.


1956------- Where it all began

It all began over 60 years ago in a small workshop in Girona, when a family that had been producing fuet on their family farm since the beginning of the century decided to open a workshop to produce select cold meats.

1960------- The sensational sixties

The workshop continued to expand and then, in the 60s, a 2,000m2 factory was built in the centre of Bescanó (Girona), followed by a second factory of 3,500m2 on the outskirts of Sant Gregori (Girona) towards the end of the decade.

1970------- Expansion of the facilities

High demand in the 70s led to the expansion of the Sant Gregori factory to 25,000m2, marking a huge quantitative jump for the company. Over the years, we have continued to expand and improve our facilities. We now have over 40,000m2 of factory floor space.

1992------- Internationalisation

Exports outside of the Pyrenees began. It was at that time when Casademont achieved its most significant increase in the market, coinciding with the famous “En casa, Casademont” (Casademont at home) marketing campaign.

2017------- Incorporation into the Costa Food Group

Thanks to the recent incorporation into the Costa Food Group, we now have vertical integration, which allows us to control the whole production process, from the livestock to the production of the final product.
This has given us a wide range of benefits, all of which are ultimately passed on to the final consumer. Quality control of primary materials, the traceability of all our products, and food safety all ensure excellence in every single stage of our production process.


At Casademont, respect for tradition has never side-lined our desire to research and develop new products. Our constant investment in R&D has allowed us to evolve and adapt our products to consumers’ changing tastes and needs.

All our new releases have been developed entirely by our R&D department, or in collaboration with prominent research centres, thus positioning us on the cutting edge of meat processing technology and as a benchmark for the industry.