Salad of fuet and walnuts

5 min
4 people

Although the return to school and working life have now hit home, the high temperatures still take us back to summer days and holidays. So today we have a recipe for you created by our friend from the blog Cocinando en mi Casa.

Using traditional Casademont fuet as its main ingredient, this refreshing salad will help you to eat healthily and give you the energy to get back into your daily routine. We’ve tested it and can assure you that it is a simple and very refreshing option for a family meal.

To prepare it, you will need:

– Lamb’s lettuce and rocket

– Spring onion

Casademont Fuet Extra

– Shelled walnuts

– Extra virgin olive oil

– Salt


First of all, arrange the lamb’s lettuce and rocket on a plate. Then julienne the spring onions or scallions, sprinkle them over the tender green leaves and add your favourite dressing. Lastly, slice up some fuet and arrange on top of the dish with the chopped walnuts. Finish off the presentation with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Now tuck in to your delicious, flavoursome salad with Casademont fuet.

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