Salad of Goat’s cheese and Casademont Fuet Extra

10 min
4 people


· Casademont Fuet Extra

· Goat’s cheese log

· Fig jam

· Red sage leaves and baby spinach

· Sunflower seed breadsticks

· Olive oil


Cut the Casademont Fuet Extra into 4 cm pieces and then slice lengthways into strips. Cut the breadsticks into rectangular chunks.

Assembling the dish

In the bottom of the dish, arrange the red sage and baby spinach leaves. Place the cheese on top and cover with 2 tablespoons of fig jam. Then, arrange the strips of fuet on top and finish off the decoration of the dish with tender spinach leaves and breadstick chunks drizzled with olive oil.

Tip: we recommend serving this salad immediately after preparing.

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