Want to serve original hors d’oeuvres at your Christmas party? Looking to impress your guests with some traditional appetisers?

Casademont’s Summum range of cold meats is a collection especially designed for surprising. Traditional cold meats paired with delicious condiments that make real gourmet treats.

Introducing Casademont’s Summum range:

Summum fuet – Black pepper fuet, Paprika fuet, Herb fuet, Fuet with garlic, Fuet with onion and Fuet with tomato. The classic cold meat served with traditional condiments of Iberian cuisine.

Summum Mini Fuet – Mini fuet with Cabrales cheese, Mini fuet with figs, Mini fuet with green pepper and the Classic mini fuet. Try them with cheese and crackers to maximise the intensity of their flavours.

Summum Fuetis – Green pepper Fuetis, Fig Fuetis, Classic Fuetis and Chorizo Fuetis. Easy-open package, ready for eating. In a small format, perfect for snacking.

Summum Turkey – Turkey with truffle, Turkey with olives and Turkey with pistachio nuts. Slices of lean cold meats in a select tasting range.

Summum chorizo and salchichón – Chorizo Extra, Pamplona Chorizo and Salchichón. The most classic cold meats slow cured for depth of flavour.

Summum Tapas – Tapas combinations featuring exquisite chorizos, salchichón and serrano ham. Ready sliced assortments of cold meats so that preparing your own cold meats platter is now easier than ever.

Casademont Summum combines the finest artisanal cold-meat preparation with original and enticing delicatessen flavours.

Reinvent your dishes and tapas with the most original cold meats and season your meals this holiday season and for any special event with premium traditional charcuterie.

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