Poached eggs and Casademont Fuet with Cabrales

30 - 40 min
2 people

Winter is a season when we have more motivation to get cooking. The cold inspires us to go out and buy good ingredients and spend hours in the kitchen trying to replicate the elaborate recipes we ate at home when we were little and when, as is often said, “tomatoes tasted like tomatoes”.

At Casademont, we champion the value of artisanal and traditional production, so we want to celebrate the start to this year with a recipe in which the simple and flavoursome ingredients speak for themselves.

Poached eggs with vegetables and Casademont fuet with Cabrales is a simple dish that your body will appreciate in cooler seasons, like the warmth from a good fire

Forget fried eggs; we’ll teach you a simple technique to make poached eggs.

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Ingredients – (for two people) – 
1 Casademont Fuet with Cabrales
100 g onion
1 clove of garlic
120 g green pepper
120 g red pepper
100 g potatoes
4 eggs
6 chopped dates

Cut the Casademont Fuet with Cabrales and dates into small dice. 
Cut the onion, peppers and potatoes into thick strips. 
Deep fry in plenty of oil. Remove when golden brown and reserve. 
Put water to boil in a saucepan. 
Break an egg into a small bowl. 
Once the water is boiling, whisk rapidly until a whirlpool forms and pour the egg carefully into the pan. The egg should rotate with the water to create the effect of the white surrounding the yolk, typical of poached eggs. 
Repeat until all four eggs are cooked. 
Arrange the fried vegetables on a plate and serve the poached eggs on top. 
Add salt. 
Garnish with the diced dates and Casademont Fuet with cabrales.

You’ll like it because… *Casademont Fuet with cabrales has a very original and unexpected flavour for all who try it. And even more so if it is dripping with delicious and succulent egg yolk! 
* You can cook this dish with any seasonal vegetable! Cabbage, aubergine, spinach, peppers, courgettes… Adapt it to the vegetables in season and what is available locally. 
* Dishes with a reasonable calorie content are essential in winter because the calories help us maintain our body heat. However you choose to make it, this is delicious!

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Poached eggs and Casademont Fuet with Cabrales