The Flavour of tradition

With all the freshness, taste and aroma of the traditional charcuterie, but without lactose, soy, gluten, preservatives or colorants

Natural from the origin

Responsibility for the care of the environment and animals, with the aim of guaranteeing product safety and quality and consumer satisfaction

Elaboration warranty

We are totally effective in identifying and solving a quality problem of the product

el fuet

We made authentic charcuterie with character since 1956 with a common denominator, its origin: the field, land, pig

R + D
in products

The investment in R & D has allowed us to design new products and flavors and little combinations conventional


Turkey rolls

With mushrooms and cream cheese


Ingredients (8 rolls)
8 slices of turkey with olives Casademont
160 gr. of raw mushrooms
80 gr. of lettuce
200 gr. of cheese spread
Black pepper
Fine herbs

10 minutos
10 minutes
4 personas
4 people


June, 2019

Casademont improves its energy efficiency

thanks to the support of the IDAE and the FEDER Funds

Casademont, leader in the elaboration of fuets and delicatessen for 60 years, has remodeled the sewage treatment plant (WWTP) of its production center in Bonmatí.

The origin of everything we do