Cold meat myths

There are no nutrients in cold meats – false!

– At Casademont, we love to harp on about the nutritional benefits of cold meats. And it’s no wonder! These foods are rich in high quality proteins, which also provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and B vitamins. All these nutrients contribute to the proper functioning of our bodies and are a source energy at every stage of growth.

Cold meats contain gluten and lactose – False!

Some cold meat brands use additives that contain gluten. But Casademont is making a conscious move towards allergen-free production. Casademont cold meats are completely free of gluten and traces! 
Lactose is another common additive that can cause intolerance in some people. This is why some of Casademont’s cold meats are lactose-free (for example, its unsliced cooked cold meats). Casademont’s cooked and sliced cold meats also do not contain lactose but they may contain traces of it. In any event, we always recommend checking product labels.

 Cold meats are bad for our health – False!

Some people think that cold meats are bad for our health; they hold the belief that all cold meats are high in fat and highly processed. These ideas are the result of generalisation. There are many different kinds of cold meats, with varied ingredients and methods of preparation. Chorizo, for example, has a high fat content, while turkey is a lean cold meat. Fuet, on the other hand is a cured cold meat, while mortadella and boiled ham are cooked. 
It is certain that processed meats can contain preservatives such as nitrites and nitrates, which, when consumed to excess, may have harmful effects on health. 
However, the food industry engaged in the production of cold meats is always required to comply with the maximum limits set by international health agencies. 
As the saying goes: any food can be harmful if consumed to excess. The key to enjoying food is to consume everything in moderation.

 Cold meats are bad for our health – False!

Traditionally, cold meats were a way to preserve the meat obtained from the slaughter all year round. While some types of cold meats do use up most of the animal, this does not mean that these parts are scraps. Every part of the animal used has an advantage or nutritional value in itself. 
When we choose a brand like Casademont, the artisanal know-how and the quality and traceability of all production processes and ingredients are fully guaranteed.

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