Traceability: a guarantee in cold meat production

Post based on the article “Trazabilidad en el ciclo de producción porcina” (Pork Production Cycle Traceability), published on 2 October 2018 by INTERPORC:

Nowadays, few factors are left to chance in modern animal husbandry that are not meticulously recorded.
In food production, especially production in the pig industry, there is a control system in place to monitor the evolution of a product at every stage.
This process of product control and recording is known as traceability. Traceability offers several advantages in pork production:
1. It means that we can be fully effective when we identify and resolve a potential problem with product quality.
2. It allows meticulous implementation of our transparency commitment with the client.
3. It allows us to ensure strict compliance with regulations.
Traceability is a cross-cutting system that covers every stage of production and processing.
It starts with the control of raw materials (such as feed, additives, medicines, etc.).
At the breeding stage, each animal is carefully identified, either individually or by what are known as lots. The farm of origin is recorded, together with the genetics, medical history, etc. In the slaughterhouse, the animals can also be divided according to diet and how they are handled at the breeding farm, for example. This means that animals identified differently do not mix at any stage of the process.
Traceability does not end at the slaughterhouse; on the contrary, the complexity increases in the cutting plant and during the subsequent processing of the end product.
Traceability is implemented in all pork production companies. However, the level of traceability is up to the individual company and is consistent with its trade and quality policy.
At Casademont and Costa group, traceability is an essential part of our quality guarantee and a crucial element in our production of select cut meats.

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Traceability: a guarantee in cold meat production

Post based on the article “Trazabilidad en el ciclo de producción porcina” ...