The Animal Welfare

This work to achieve animal welfare has earned us the recognition of European experts who exhaustively assess compliance with the parameters defining it each year.

Thus all our facilities have been validated with the WelfareQuality seal.

This ensures traceability in the manufacturing process of our products from their source until they reach the consumer’s table.

We care about their food

Respecting food safety standards 
Making sure they do not go hungry or thirsty 
Providing them with quality food
Avoiding disease

We care about the comfort of their accommodation

We ensure where they live is at the right temperature
We provide areas where they can move around
We make sure they are comfortable when resting or sleeping
We allow them to enjoy freedom

We care about their health

We have specialised experts 
We prevent injuries and diseases 
We avoid pain in handling

We care about their behaviour

We look after their emotional condition
We watch over their conduct